Johnny Kuo in a nutshell

I'm primarily a biomedical engineer, medical imaging researcher, and programmer. Essentially, I'm an overeducated nerd who went into engineering and research because it was fascinating and I like tinkering. I originally trained in cellular and molecular biology (which I did really like at the time), but decided I didn't much care for the wet laboratory research. Having cells die on me after trekking into lab at 3 a.m. wasn't my idea of fun. Crashing computers, looking at cool 3D images, and building stuff appealed to me much more. Consequently, I became an engineer.

In my non-work related life, I'm a cooking and food afficionado, gardener, fitness and health nut, I-Liq Chuan martial art practitioner and instructor, guitarist, occasional blogger, and sometimes web designer. I don't actually have time to regularly do every one of those things in the list, so I usually focus on the health, fitness, and martial arts. I strive to live my life as a vegetarian, aspiring ecologically and socially conscious citizen, and lifelong learner.